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Ankle Socks 2 Pack - White

Ankle Socks 2 Pack - White

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STÓR bamboo ankle socks are made from the finest quality bamboo fabric, which means that as well as being environmentally friendly they have some amazing natural characteristics. Bamboo clothing can actually be healthy for you by being anti-bacterial, deodorizing, extra breathable and absorbent, keeping the skin dry and cool. Also, the insulating characteristics of bamboo fiber make it great for sustaining body temperature, cooling you down when it's hot and keeping you warm when it's cold. 

  • Made in Europe
  • 80% Bamboo, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane



We recommend washing your STÓR socks in a wash no higher than 40 degrees. Bamboo is a natural fiber that if washed at extreme temperatures, can compromise the quality over time. 

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