Q. What is STÓR’s subscription service and how does it work?

A. Every month we release two new subscription offers.  One is our monthly "Sock Supply" (€9.95/month) and the other is our monthly "Box Supply"(€19.95/month).  Both products can be paid for monthly or yearly. Please go to the MONTHLY SUPPLY menu for more details.  All our products are ethically produced and made from sustainable materials. 

Q. Can I buy one off products?

A. Yes. We sell all of our products as single products. You will see the different product categories on the homepage menu. We also have a PACKS section, where you can stock up on basics products by buying in bulk and saving up to 30% on normal pricing. 

 Q. How often do you release new subscription boxes?

A. We release the monthly "Sock Supply" pack around the 5th of every month, and the monthly "Supply Box" around the 15th of every month. 

Q. Do boxes always cost the same amount?

A. Yes. The monthly "Sock Supply" costs €9.95/month and the monthly "Box Supply" costs €19.95/month. 

 Q. When am I charged as a subscriber?

A. Subscribers are charged when they place their order and then on the same date every month if they choose one of our ongoing plans. However, subscribers can change their order date at any time and manage their subscription by setting up their own personal account. Upfront subscribers and Gift subscribers are the exception and they are charged up font for their selected plans.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?

A. If you choose a monthly payment plan you can opt-out at anytime you like or even skip a month whenever you want to. Gift subscriptions and Upfront subscriptions cannot be cancelled as they have been paid for up front. E-mail us at info@stor.supply and we will take care of it for you or answer any questions that you have. 

Q. How long does a subscription last?

A. This is up to you. We have a range of options to choose from. 


Q. I love most of the items in my box but there is one item I don’t like. Can I return it?

A. No. All our boxes come as a pack. This is how we can offer such great value. However if you have any special requests please e-mail us at info@stor.supply and we can see if we can help out in any way.

Q. How long does it take to process a return?

A. This typically takes about 2-3 Days from when we receive the item back with us.

Q. What happens if I receive a box/products that are damaged or broken?

A. Please email us at info@stor.supply and we will get back to you between 1-3 days.


Q. Where do you ship to?

A. Our subscription service ships to UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA and worldwide (higher shipping rates apply).

Q. When does my order ship?

A. For normal product and box purchasing we ship between 1-3 days once order has been received.

For our subscription service we ship on the same day every month that you originally subscribed after the release date has passed. You can also adjust your shipping date to whatever you want in the MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT section of the website. 

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. We offer free shipping throughout the UK and Ireland. For all other European deliveries our shipping charge is location specific and starts at €5. For USA & Worldwide higher rates apply. 

Q. Which service do you use to ship your products?

A. Our shipping partner is AN POST. You can track your order with your unique tracking number at www.anpost.ie

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. For UK and Ireland delivery allow 3-5 days. For European delivery it can take from 8-13 days to most destinations and sometimes even more for more remote locations.


Q. What’s your return policy?

A. We accept returns for all boxes and products within 30 days of an order being shipped.  Please Note we only accept returns for the entire box and the box, packaging and all products must be returned in perfect condition. We cannot accept returns for products that have been opened, removed from their packaging or tried on, due to the type of products being sold. The amount of the refund will be for the value paid for the product returned. Unfortunately we are unable to issue a credit or refund on shipping charges. If you want to return something please e-mail us at info@stor.supply for more information. For more information on our returns policy please visit here.