WHITE TEE SUPPLY - 3 Ways to Wear This Months Box

This month's Supply Box contains a true classic and I'm going to show you exactly how to get the most from your white crew tee!
It doesn't get simpler than a white crew neck t-shirt, a pair of nice quality denim jeans and a nice pair of casual shoes or boots. There are however a few stipulations. The t-shirt must be fitted, and the person wearing it in relatively good shape. I'm not saying you need to have a six pack, but a beer belly isn't going to cut it. For inspiration on how to carry off this look, check out our blog on Style Icons Of The White Crew Tee.  
The basic function of an undershirt is to absorb sweat and act as a barrier to your outer clothing. Usually worn under a nice business shirt and neck tie, the white crew tee is your only option here. How many times have you seen somebody wearing a gaudy print or a bright coloured t-shirt under a business shirt. It screams unprofessional and looks terrible. A good white crew tee actually enhances most business shirts from underneath once worn correctly. Pro-tip, make sure to always wear your necktie knotted to the top and button the business shirt fully, including the top button! 
There's very few things more rewarding than choosing a day, usually at the weekend, to dedicate entirely to yourself. You've bought a fresh bag of coffee, curated your reading materials and switched off anything that beeps. So, what are going to wear? This is key for maximum lounging. I recommend a nice pair of jogging shorts and a fresh white crew neck t-shirt. There is nothing as nice as putting on a fresh white t-shirt, preferably made from something natural like organic cotton or bamboo for extra softness and comfort. The key is keeping it simple! No more than 2-3 items people!
 We're always looking to upgrade our basics and for great new product ideas at STÓR so let us know your favourite everyday essentials in the comment box below!
July 16, 2017 by Robert Galvin
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