STÓR was launched with a clear mission. We wanted to bring premium quality sustainable clothing to as many people as we can and make it as accessible as possible, all while trying to do some good in the world.


We believe in working with sustainable materials and fair-trade manufacturers to produce a premium, quality and eco-friendly product that offers an alternative to the high street fast fashion. We specialize in men’s everyday essentias such as socks, underwear and t-shirts made from Bamboo and Organic Cotton. All of our products are designed in Ireland by us and made in Europe too.


We want to try and give something back to those most in need. That's where the idea for the “Sock Box Project” came from. We identified a serious problem that we feel is within our grasp to seriously alleviate in Ireland and eventually worldwide.

What’s Happening?

Socks are the most requested yet least donated item of clothing at homeless shelters around the world. Clean socks are essential to a person’s overall health and wellbeing.  They help prevent serious disease, hypothermia and they add to an individual’s overall quality of life.


What we want to do.

Our mission is to solve this problem here in Ireland over the next 3-5 years, by ensuring every homeless person has a supply of fit for purpose socks available to them, if and when they need them. We have designed a specifically engineered pair of socks to suit the needs of the homeless.


How we’re going to do it.

For every STÓR Christmas Sock Box we sell, we will donate a specifically engineered thermal sock to key homeless charities nationwide, to distribute them to the people who most need them.


Where are we going to start?

We are starting our mission in the most badly affected areas of Ireland by working directly with Dublin Simon Community to help in achieving our goal. There are close to 5000 homeless people living in and around Dublin who need our help! Within 3-5 years we want to solve this problem all over Ireland in every city and town.


We Need your help!

To support this cause simply buy one of our Sock Boxes and a pair of socks is donated directly to the homeless cause.


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